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A Pacific Northwest law firm dedicated to providing innovative and strategic solutions to clients’ complex legal challenges.

Our commitment to you.

We are committed to every client, case, and cause.

We are aggressive, efficient and outcome oriented.

We develop strategy. We explore solutions. We work and we will fight for the outcome you deserve.

Innovative strategy. Global solutions. Client first outcomes.

Watson Law is a boutique law firm located in Portland, Oregon and providing legal services to clients throughout the State of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. We are committed to each and every client, case, and cause in a manner that allows us to discover what truly lies at the heart of each situation and to develop strategy that reflects what matters most to those we represent.

We come from backgrounds outside the law. Our diversity of backgrounds, combined with our legal experience, positions us to approach whatever obstacles our customers face with an eye on every possible solution. As experienced attorneys, as practiced litigators, we are ready to fight on behalf of those we represent, but we also believe in searching for and delivering outcomes outside the courtroom if the situation so provides.

Our ultimate priority is is client satisfaction.

To contact us directly:

Tel. 503.966-9533 Email hello@watsonlawpc.com



My case was complex, time sensitive, and one of a kind. By listening to me and focusing on the details, Gabe was able to negotiate an outcome better than the one I imagined at a fraction of the cost I anticipated.
— Client, Employment Matter
Almost immediately I knew you had taken the time to understand dynamics of the case. You picked up on things that others missed. Because I was more than a client...I was a person with a problem and a purpose you adopted as your own.
— J.K., Client
Patient. Professional and fearless. Not only do you take the time to understand what was really going on, but you took the time to understand me and my problem. You weren’t intimidated or discouraged no matter what the other side tried to throw in the way.
— Client


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